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How to Track Visitors’ Exact Activities on Your Website: A 7-Step Adventure Guide

Understanding how visitors interact with your website is like having a treasure map to success. Tracking their every move provides invaluable insights that can guide your optimization efforts, enhance user experience, and boost your online performance.

But, don’t know how to track down exact activities of your visitors? Or you are just starting?

No worries, you are in the right place!

In this adventure guide, we’ll explore the step-by-step process of tracking visitors’ exact activities on your website. So, buckle up for an enlightening expedition into the world of web analytics!

Step 1: Choose Your Tracking Companion

In this digital odyssey, a reliable tool is your trusty sidekick. Enter Spytics – our detective extraordinaire ready to unveil the mysteries of your website’s visitor behavior. It’s like having Sherlock Holmes on your team, minus the deerstalker hat and dramatic monologues.
Think of Spytics as a friend who knows all the hidden gems and shortcuts of your digital domain. It’s simple to use, packed with insights, and eager to reveal what visitors truly love (and maybe not so much) about your website.

Step 2: Set Up Spytics – Your Digital Doorman

Inviting Spytics into your website is as easy as opening a door. No coding or tech mumbo jumbo – just follow the simple instructions, and you’re good to go. It’s like having a friendly guest who silently observes and gathers intel without disrupting your online world.Now follow the steps below set-up Spytics on your website:

Access Your Dashboard

First things first, log in to your Spytics account. Once you’re on the Dashboard, you’ll notice a friendly “Add new website” button – your gateway to bringing your website into the Spytics family.

Enter Your Website’s Domain

Click on that inviting “Add new website” button, and a window will pop up. Here, enter the domain of the website you want to track. It’s as simple as typing in your web address.

Privacy Settings

Now, you’re in control of your website’s privacy. Choose your preferred privacy settings and make sure to enable “User Session Recordings” for a detailed look into how your visitors interact with your site.

Set Exclusions for IPs or Query Parameters

Want to exclude specific IPs or certain query parameters from your tracking? Spytics gives you the flexibility. Set any exclusions you need to tailor your tracking to your requirements.

Choose to Track Bots or Not

Decide whether you want to include bot traffic in your tracking data. It’s like adjusting your focus to see only what matters most to you – your human visitors.

Hit “Save”

With all your preferences set, hit that “Save” button. Your website is now officially part of the Spytics family!

Get Your Website Script Code Snippet

As a reward for your efforts, Spytics provides you with a special website script code snippet. This code holds the key to collecting valuable data about your visitors.

Add the Code to Your Website

Copy the code snippet and paste it under the <head> or <body> tag of your website. Think of it as planting a small beacon that allows Spytics to keep an eye on every move your visitors make.
Congratulations! You’ve successfully added your website to Spytics, and now you’re ready to explore the fascinating world of user tracking.

And that’s all….

Once Spytics is in, it starts keeping track of everything your visitors do. Every click, scroll, and mouse movement becomes part of its detailed log, making it your digital memory palace, remembering every visitor’s interaction.

Step 3: Lights, Camera, Action! Enable Session Recording

Now, let’s roll the cameras! Session recording captures every move on your website like a cinematic masterpiece. Spytics becomes your director, filming each click, scroll, and pause, revealing the captivating story of your visitor’s journey.

If you haven’t enabled session recordings during the website setup, no worries!

Here is how you can enable it:

Access Your Dashboard

Log in to your Spytics account to land on the Dashboard – the command center for all your website tracking activities.

Navigate to Website Settings

Locate the website for which you want to enable session recording. Look for the three dots on the right, just after your website’s listing. Click on these dots to unveil a menu of options.

Choose “Edit”

Among the options, you’ll find “Edit.” Click on it to dive into the settings of your selected website.

Enable Session Recording

Welcome to your website settings screen! Now, locate the “User Sessions” heading. Here, you’ll find a simple toggle switch that says “Enable.” Flip the switch to turn on session recording.

Save Your Changes

Once you’ve enabled session recording, don’t forget to hit that “Save” button. It’s like locking in your preferences and ensuring that Spytics starts capturing the valuable data about your visitors’ sessions.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully enabled session recording for your website in Spytics. Now, you can sit back and let Spytics do the work of providing insights into how users navigate and engage with your site.
Imagine watching a movie of your visitors exploring your website. You see what grabs their attention, where they get lost, and what makes them leave. It’s like having a magical crystal ball showing you your website through their eyes, helping you refine it into a place they love to be.

Step 4: Unleash the Power of Click Tracking – Your Digital Detective

Clicks Heatmap

Spytics transforms into a detective with a magnifying glass, zeroing in on where visitors click the most. No need for CSI skills – Spytics does the heavy lifting, showing you the hotspots of your digital landscape.

To track clicks on your website >

Access the “Behaviour” Tab

Start by logging into your Spytics account and landing on your website dashboard. Navigate to the “Behaviour” tab – your gateway to understanding how users behave on your site.

Explore “Pages” Section

Within the “Behaviour” tab, find and click on the “Pages” section. It’s like opening a book to discover the stories your users tell through their actions on different pages of your website.

Click on Heatmap Icon

Now, let’s spice things up! Look for the Heatmap icon next to the URL of the page you’re interested in. Click on it to unveil the magic of visualizing user interactions.

Select “Clicks” Under Heatmap Type

Choose the type of heatmap you want to explore. For Click Tracking, select “Clicks” – it’s like turning on a spotlight to see where users are clicking the most.

Choose Your Page URL

Pick the specific page you want insights on. It’s like zooming in with a magnifying glass to get a detailed view of user activity on that particular page.

Customize Data Source, Duration, and Page Layout

Tailor your heatmap experience! Select the Data Source, Duration, and Page Layout that suit your analysis needs. It’s like adjusting the lens to focus on specific aspects of user behavior.

Hit “Generate Heatmap”

You’re all set! Once you’ve customized your settings, hit that “Generate Heatmap” button. It’s like casting a spell to reveal the enchanting patterns of user clicks on your chosen page.
Think of Spytics as your knowledgeable tour guide, pointing out the most fascinating attractions in your website city. Click tracking reveals which buttons, links, and images ignite visitor interest. It’s like discovering the popular landmarks in your online world, guiding you to tailor your content for maximum engagement.

Step 5: Dive into Scroll Tracking – Your Website Depth Gauge


Scroll Tracking Heatmap

Ever wondered how far visitors delve into your content? Scroll tracking takes the plunge, acting as your depth gauge to measure their engagement. Spytics unveils if they read your masterpiece from cover to cover or take a detour somewhere in the middle.

It’s like having a friend who knows which chapters of a book captivate readers the most.

To track journey for your visitors, do the same as generating a Click Heatmap, but make sure to select “Scroll” in the fifth step this time.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully accessed Scroll Tracking in Spytics.

With Spytics, you can adjust your content structure and length to keep visitors hooked until the final scroll.

Step 6: Measure the Attention – Eye-Tracking

Eye Tracking Heatmap

Now, let’s put on our night vision goggles – Spytics paints your website with vibrant burning hot spots where visitors focus and the cooler areas they breeze past. No complicated graphs or reports – it’s like holding a simple treasure map with colorful clues.

To see where your users focus, it’s the same process as before, Spytics keeps everything simple.

Just follow the same process, but select “Eye-tracking” under Heat Map Type…

…and that’s all you have to do different.

You can use these visual cues to enhance your website’s design and captivate your audience’s attention.

Step 7: Analyze and Optimize – Your Treasure Hunt Concludes

Congratulations, explorer! You’ve completed the 7-step adventure guide on tracking visitors’ exact activities on your website. Spytics has been your loyal companion, unveiling the mysteries of user behavior and paving the path to optimization.

Analyzing Your Data:

Dive into Spytics’ treasure trove of insights. Watch recorded sessions, analyze click reports, and explore heatmap patterns. It’s like sifting through sand for shimmering pearls of understanding. Take the time to decipher your visitors’ journey, preferences, and the areas that could shine brighter.

Identify Pain Points and Hidden Gems:

Spytics helps you spot the thorns in your visitors’ path – the confusing layouts, frustrating forms, or dead-end pages. At the same time, you’ll discover hidden gems – the engaging sections, captivating content, and moments of delight. Spytics becomes your friendly sherpa, guiding you to smooth the path and amplify the magic.

Conclusion: Celebrate Your Digital Expedition!

Raise a flag, webmaster! You’ve conquered the quest to understand your website’s soul. Armed with Spytics and a trove of insights, you’re no longer just a website owner; you’re a digital alchemist, continuously refining your online space for maximum engagement and success.Keep exploring, keep optimizing, and watch your website blossom into a digital haven for your audience.

Remember, the adventure never ends, and with Spytics as your guide, your website’s future is as bright as the sun!


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