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Decode the Digital Footprints

This powerful, all-in-one platform combines the analytics your small business needs with the extremely powerful tracking tools to experience your clients journey on your website right there with them.

Easily integrates with your favorite platforms.

Unravel the Journey

Get Started in Just 3 Simple Steps

Sign in to your account

Sign in to your Spytics account using your credentials. Set up all your details.

Add the script

Next, copy the code from Spytics and attach it your website.

See the stats

Start seeing real-time statistics of people visiting your website and improve your strategy.


The heat maps are soooooo cool!!

"I got lost when the big analytics company forced me to use their new version GA4 or whatever they call it, so I tried to find something easier for my small business website. Spytics was a perfect fit. I got the analytics I needed but so much more. The heat maps are soooooo cool!! I wish I knew about this service a long time ago.“

- David S.

Core Features

See EXACTLY What Each Visitor Does Instantly When They Hit Your Page

It’s kind of like looking over their shoulder as your visitors move around your site, make a purchase, sign-up to your list… or click away. You’ll be able to…

Visitor Tracking

Easily monitor visitor count and page views on your website. Combine it with other real-time analytics and make intelligent decisions

Multiple Heatmaps

Use different types of heat maps to see where visitors engage click and show the most interest then optimize your content for maximum impact

User Session Recordings

Capture and replay the live actions of your website visitors, to understand their behavior, discover pain points, and identify areas for improvement

Popular Pages

Explore the most visited and popular pages on your website, get insights into user preferences and focus your attention where it matter the most

Turn Visitors into Customers. Start Tracking Today!

Improve Website Performance and Increase Conversions Today. Understand your audience, Increase Your Sales, Boost Your Leads!

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